Aldrees Industrial & Trading Company (ALITCO), formerly known as Mohammed Saad Aldrees and Sons Company Limited, is a Saudi closed joint stock company operating in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1920. Al Drees, over the decades developed into a renowned brand name synonymous to quality and trust. Al Drees was exceptionally successful in blending the traditional business relationships with the ever changing business dynamics of the region to the benefit of the market and the organization. AlDrees spared no effort in building core competencies and bringing constant innovations in the domains of manufacturing and trading of building materials, distribution of industrial tools and equipments etc.

In the past decades Al Drees was the dominant player in the fuel distribution industry in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Realizing the need for growth through differentiation the petroleum and transportation division of ALDREES spun off from its parent and raised extra capital through a successful IPO in the year 2006 and got listed in the Saudi Stock Exchange.

ALITCO as the parent group continued its growth story in the manufacturing and trading sector. Its main activities includes but not limited to manufacturing of building material trading and distribution of industrial of products and equipment, cultivation of agricultural crops etc. ALITCO with its presence in almost every city of KSA is closer to the customer than any of its competitors. The continuous drive for excellence in Quality and Customer Service will remain as the major driving force for its growth for the years to come.

Exploiting its core competencies ALITCO has ambitious plans to expand into the manufacturing of various downstream petrochemical based products within a short span of time.

ALITCO’s Culture

ALITCO believes in Ethics First, and then Customers and Profits. The best way to attract and keep the customer is to treat them well and be incredibly good at what ALITCO does. In response to changing market dynamics, ALITCO has gone through a phased process of redefining its organization model that facilitates growth through greater levels of empowerment.

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